Guest Soloist Performances

Mike has an internationally-known presence as a guest soloist with any size ensemble, from combo to big band (18-piece jazz ensemble) to studio orchestra. His virtuosity, combined with his knowledge and enthusiasm, will inspire your ensemble. Music will be provided for the group from Mike’s extensive library of his own compositions and arrangements or if desired, the group’s current repertoire may be used. Performance includes a rehearsal/talk-through the day before or day of the concert.

Ensemble Performances

Mike also leads several ensembles of his own of different sizes, from duos to big bands.  Each of these groups plays arranged music. The repertoire of each (with the exception of the Dance Band) runs the gamut from straight-ahead jazz to fusion, playing original music as well as time-honored jazz standards, all arranged by Mike. All groups can provide sound support (P.A. System) as well as music stands and lights.


As a clinician/lecturer, Mike has proven himself to be a “jack-of-all-trades,” providing valuable information in all his areas of expertise to attendees of each session. Handouts are provided for every subject. These are combined with aural and visual demonstration as well as an upbeat attitude to provide a totally enriching, as well as entertaining, experience. Possible topics (both general and specific) for sessions are listed below:

General Topics

  • Jazz Improvisation (all levels and ages)
  • Saxophone Master Class(all levels and ages)
  • Composition/Arranging Techniques (Both small group and big band) – these topics will be taken from Mike’s book, “Instrumental Jazz Arranging: A Comprehensive and Practical Method.”
  • Jazz Theory (all levels and ages)
  • Jazz History (general overview, saxophone-oriented, big band-oriented)
  • Woodwind Doubling
  • Finale™ Notation Techniques (all levels)

Specific Topics (saxophone)

  • Improving the Altissimo Register of the Saxophone
  • Concepts for the Big Band Saxophone Section

Specific Topics (jazz performance)

  • Melodic Concepts for Practicing Jazz Improvisation
  • Performance Concepts for The Horn-Guitar-Bass Trio
  • Developing Small Ensemble Interplay
  • Breathing New Life into Well-Worn Jazz Standards

Specific Topics (jazz education)

  • Unlocking the Mysteries of the Jazz Ensemble Score
  • Back to Basics: Tips for Improving Jazz Articulation, Intonation, Phrasing and Rhythm Section Grooves

The clinics listed under specific topics have all been presented at international conferences to great acclaim. Other specific clinics can be developed upon request.

Commissioned Works

A well-known composer/arranger of music for large jazz ensemble with over 150 published pieces, Mike is available to compose or arrange for any size group. Comfortable with any style, he can tailor an original piece or arrangement of an existing tune to fit your bands needs, while avoiding its weaknesses. Score and parts are provided with every commission, both copied neatly and flawlessly using Finale™ software.

Guest Conducting & Adjudication

Mike has guest conducted All-State Jazz Ensembles in many states and adjudicated at numerous jazz festivals.  He is always interested in considering these opportunities.

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